The importance of family

Morrie tells Mitch that one’s family is their foundation. He emphasizes that the love and care one gets from their family is exponentially valuable and important. Morrie also mentions that although friends are wonderful, they are fleeting. This is opposite from family, which Morrie claims is constant.

I have so much input on this because family is so incredibly meaningful to me. With my condolences to those who are without one, I am extremely grateful for mine.

I agree with Morrie in his views about family being your foundation with love and care being of the utmost importance. They are your foundation not only because they raised you, but also because they are not fleeting. They are the few people in the world who love you unconditionally and truly want the best for you. I find this to be irreplaceable. Many friends will be there for you through think and thin, but your family won’t leave you, which I think is the definition of a foundation. You are intrinsically tied to your family, where as friends aren’t as stable or secure in their love.

I struggle with this fact because I often mindlessly forget to prioritize them. I get caught up in the college bubble of Gainesville, and seem to forget that my family is what got me here. I think our generation needs to be more grateful for our parents and how much they love us and want the best for us.

Since Morrie is in the process of dying, he makes prominent the importance of family when you are going through this. Mitch thinks about the ‘unbearable emptiness’ he would feel if he didn’t have a wife or children to take care of him when he is older. A family raises you to grow in a physical aspect, but also in the sense of love.

Morrie quotes his favorite poet, Auden, “Love or perish.”

One of my favorite parts about Morrie’s views is his focus on the importance of loving. In order to survive, people need other people to give love to and get love back. Family is a great and reciprocated love source.Image

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